Avoiding physical compliments indeed and being too vulgar with a girl when you approach her at the beach:

Here is an example to watch in a video on Youtube, Tony Montana gives some flirting tips at the beach to his friend in the classic movie Scarface (1983). Tony Montana wants to teach him how to pick up girls at the beach, check out this video to see what you should not do if you want to pick up girls at the https://www.www.datingreviewer.net/nl/chatstep-overzicht beach.

Girls love to play and what better way to get to know them than to play and laugh together on the beach!

Once you have talked a little bit with the girl you are interested in, ask her for her phone number in order to recontact her for a drink and see her again.

Go to see her with your smartphone precisely in order to have her number, so do not forget your smartphone at the beach. If you have time, ask her about her Facebook page too but first her phone number, you will see her later to get to know her more anyway.

An great way to flirt and meet a girl at the beach is to propose a beach game to get physical. ??

In addition to accessories I quoted at the beginning of this article, do not forget to take with you a set of Badminton or beach rackets with a ball.

Whether you are with a group of friends or alone, you can go and ask the girl you are interested in to play with you. If you are alone, this is the perfect excuse to ask someone to play with you. If the girl is alone, she will be happy to have company and play with you. If the girl is in a group, ask the girl you are interested in to play with you. You will also play with her friends to get acquainted.

If you are with a group of friends, make a tournament and teams with a group of girls, entertainment guaranteed and the best way to flirt and meet girls on the beach.

To flirt and seduce on the beach, you have to stand out from others and avoid being the seducer who comes and tells a girl that she is pretty.

It works every time, girls love to have fun and laugh, that’s what it takes to flirt with success at the beach

Suggesting a girl to play badminton or beach racket is for me the best way to flirt and meet girls on the beach.

You can also propose to play volleyball if there is a net somewhere but you might need a group of friends to play.

So, bring beache games, you will surprise girls who do not expect to be offered to play a beach game with a stranger. This is the ideal way to get to know each other while laughing.

The other advantage of proposing a girl to play a beach game is that she will then be a little tired and thirsty. The perfect excuse to have a drink immediately after the beach game. You can immediately go with her to offer her a drink after this improvised sports session. In general, girls accept because they do not have anything to drink with them as it is hot.

Moreover, you act like a gentleman who offers her a drink, she will find you nice. You have original ideas for fun on the beach and then you propose to have a drink in your company.

If you are with friends, plan a cooler with cool drinks, with or without alcohol. You anticipate her needs by offering her a cold drink and you can talk more by resting after the beach game.