Chloe requires if Nate likes Elena, that he will not refuse, and Chloe cravings him to tell the girl

Nate and you can Elena see Schafer nearly dry out of getting outdone. Schafer appetite Nate to recuperate brand new Phurba, select the access so you’re able to Shambhala, and you may destroy the brand new Brick just before Lazarevic becomes they. Schafer becomes deceased, and Nate determines one if the Brick has mythical energies or perhaps not, Lazarevic should be eliminated. Elena find it might be finest towards two of her or him to split up to obtain the entrances.

Elena finds out they, and you can Nate is able to recover the newest dagger off Chloe. However, after they achieve the home to help you Shambhala, they have been cornered from the Lazarevic. Immediately after a stressful standoff where Lazarevic threatens in order to eliminate one another Elena and you will Chloe in the event that Nate cannot work, he complies and you will prospects Lazarevic, Flynn, and their guys on area. Immediately following into the Shambhala, Lazarevic makes to execute all the three, even though the Guardians assault men allowing the fresh new trio to leave. It pursue Lazarevic for the urban area in an effort to destroy the Cintamani Stone in advance of Lazarevic are able to use they.

Upon wanting it, Nate rapidly realizes that the Cintamani Brick isn’t really an engagement ring, but the drain regarding the tree off life. An excellent fatally injured Flynn following exists, and you will even with Elena offering to greatly help, Flynn rebuffs this lady request and you can falls a live grenade; the fresh new blast eliminates himself and you will certainly wounds Elena. Elena grudgingly tells Nate and you may Chloe to leave this lady and prevent Lazarevic, but Chloe insists that they maintain the girl earliest. Nate fundamentally leads them to a road that can need him or her to a portion of the entrances and purchases Chloe to flee with Elena as he takes care of Lazarevic.

Shortly after troubled Lazarevic, Nate causes it to be back once again to brand new entrance in which Chloe and Elena are wishing. Due to the fact area drops to help you date me-promotiecode ruin, the three enable it to be out merely in the long run, even when Elena has shed understanding. Back to the new community, Elena recovers away from her wounds in the proper care of Sullivan.

Post-One of Thieves [ ]

Pursuing the Among Theft, Nate and you will Elena wed in unknown situations. Although not, Nate’s phobia off relationship and you will lust to possess adventure metropolises high filter systems for the marriage, and the several independent, getting estranged. Elena possess her a wedding ring, and you may Victor Sullivan manages Nate’s in place of his studies.

Drake’s Deception [ ]

Many years after, Elena Fisher happens to be a worldwide news correspondent features started stationed when you look at the Yemen for a time. Nate and you can Sully discover Sir Francis Drake got generated an effective stay in Yemen into the his journey to find the Atlantis regarding this new Sands. As a couple needed to go into Yemen quietly and you may rather than resistance, Sullivan phone calls Elena to ask on her assist, as Nate are unwilling to speak with the girl. Once they come, Elena gives them it allows.

Elena takes Nate and you can Sully into the a walking tour thanks to Yemen, on the Dated Quarter as his or her final stop. So you’re able to dodge the new city’s guards, this new trio climbs around the newest rooftops. Following that, Sully places Talbot walking from the town. Nate pursues him, that is eventually cornered from the Katherine Marlowe’s shields, but evades grab and goes into a courtyard.

And this is, brand new courtyard consists of a proper to your coordinates in order to Iram. Throughout catacombs, the 3 discover a hidden chamber that have texts authored into wall space, alerting concerning dangers of Iram and the wilderness. Nate deduces these particular texts was indeed written by Sir Francis Drake, as the they’re from inside the English. Elena can be involved as to the reasons Sir Francis Drake, despite focusing on how to obtain Iram, made a decision to miss the latest browse and you can sail household, concealing most of the facts. She wants to own Nate so you can disregard Iram and you will Marlowe, urging he’s got defeated the girl, even if Nate is actually unrelenting.