These guns was adequate to arm a whole regiment

In general, Fidel Castro said further, the interior counterrevolution is actually a state off disarray, and its particular chiefs want to encourage these with hopeless acts, nevertheless chief topic is to try to let you know the us that counterrevolution has been real time and you will [they] cannot forget it. Other days in the past, Fidel Castro detailed after that, with the help of one of our “counterrevolutionary communities” we was able to lure several flights of one’s counterrevolutionaries so you can Cuba, certainly one of which was shot into the sea and also the almost every other, once it threw aside Western weapons approximately the fresh new Organos Slopes, is actually hit and you may compelled to end up in Jamaica.

It’s possible one into fourteen otherwise 15 February the new Cuban government commonly plan out an exhibit of one’s caught Western firearms. Which exhibit often exert a depressing impact on the inner counterrevolution. Additionally, it can corroborate Raul Roa’s speech throughout the Standard Installation regarding the fresh competitive steps of the United states against Cuba.

Currently, went on Fidel Castro, a massive level of progressive American guns features dropped for the all of our hands which were decrease consequently they are getting fell right now towards the region regarding Cuba of American routes, and get of flights from the Cuban counterrevolution

That it note often again state Cuba’s solidarity to your places off Latin The united states and fret [its] readiness to develop and you may reinforce Latin american collaboration.

Fidel Castro troubled, with respect to the regions out-of Latin America we are going to realize a far more flexible coverage afterwards, skillfully through its distinctions on the You, and you may troubled to draw those individuals places to the front that are happy to cooperate that have Cuba. The brand new Cuban government is fairly happy with the business advantageous position away from [Brazilian President] Janio Quadros regarding Cuba; everything would be done regarding the Cuban front side to bolster and establish our very own connections that have Brazil. Mexico and you can Uruguay are providing an excellent position. Even Argentina has started to become begin to look for a means for yet another method of Cuba, fearing are kept by yourself. Overall an alternative inclination to get Cuba try providing profile immediately within the Latin America, therefore was convinced, troubled Fidel Castro, you to definitely Kennedy tend to today rarely be able to push the latest governing bodies of all the Latin-american places in order to for any reason service their intense line with the Cuba.

The President of Ecuador, Velasco Ibarra, just who fearlessly denounces brand new insidious intrigues against Latin The usa, takes a good status with regards to Cuba

If the Kennedy believes on creation of an excellent Cuban bodies into the exile, which is definitely element of his arrangements, detailed Fidel Castro, up coming for our area we are going to declare our very own to setting vanguard governments during the exile when you look at the Cuba of these nations given that, for example, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, an such like. The activity of the governing bodies we have composed, stressed Fidel Castro, which will be certainly innovative governing bodies, might be a lot more risky into the United states of america compared to pastime of your Cuban counterrevolutionary bodies is for Cuba.

Inside my 13 February address, noted Fidel Castro, I could however make an announcement concerning achievement of procedures about mountains off Escambray, where we have pulled in the 400 some one prisoner and you may slain on 40. Here will still be about no more than 40-60 counterrevolutionaries when you look at the Escambray right now, who after a while will be hunted off and you may paid to courtroom. The brand new leaders of one’s insurrection from inside the Escambray could be take to, but the individuals who registered her or him out of worry and you will opportunism might be delivered to camps to possess lso are-studies. Fidel Castro declared, our statement about the removal of the latest counterrevolutionary breeding grounds from inside the Escambray usually cause another strike on the external and internal counterrevolution. It will demoralize new counterrevolutionaries way more and you may, at the same time, fortify the comfort of those and therefore this new residential political state in the nation general.