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Hi! I’m Craig. Yvette’s Scottish man and novice content writer.

Yvette need me to create an item about a relationship a Scottish man so we got on this.

You should be aware – I am not every Scotsman. The subsequent spam is applicable primarily in my opinion and should never be used as a literal tips. If you don’t wanna date me. I’m flattered, but extremely already expressed for.

But firstly, let’s think about the top reasons you ought to date a Scotsman…

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Why should I evening a Scotsman?

The Accent

Nearly all of non-Scots love the accent.

I’ve little idea exactly why or how this phenomenon has arrived in regards to however, the total hours You will find squeezed regarding Yvette’s bad magazines simply by quoting Groundskeeper Willie. It can actually conserve myself when this bimbo says this after.

We’re an innovative group

The Scots has designed, found out and created numerous groundbreaking facts. Here’s a handful of fascinating kind assumed up by Scottish guys.

When it comes to history- Scotland has great number of splendidly creative lady nevertheless it would get me day long to list them.

Songs and poetry

I’ve undoubtedly you have read about our personal national bard, Rabbie uses. In case you haven’t – collect Googling. You’ve perhaps finished several large nights out performing “Auld lang syne.” Rumor offers they Rabbie was a hit by using the women way too.

Better slightly contemporary rings you might be informed about include Biffy Clyro, Primal shout together with the Proclaimers.

For extremely contemporary examine Lewis Capaldi’s Twitter and youtube feed. I’m also browsing claim AC/DC because guitarists Angus and Malcolm kids were born in Glasgow and lead performer Bon Scot (Bonnie Scotland) grew up in Forfar and lived-in Kirriemuir. Take that Australians.

We are going to also boogie. Scottish people have-been practicing ceilidh dance since main faculty. A ceilidh happens to be a party with standard Scottish music and dance, so we can sweep one off your feet, practically. Run on Travolta.


You’ll treasure John Logie Baird for inventing the tv and supplying the opportunity to these Scottish pictures movie stars like James McAvoy and Gerard Butler to consider the display screen. Might as well give thanks to Alexander Graham toll for inventing the telephone while you are encountering this your cell phone too…probably.


Scottish guy bring helped to learn an extended distinct medicine we all neglect right – penicillin (Sir Alexander Fleming), the hypodermic syringe (Alexander material), plus the saline spill (Dr Thomas Latta).

We’re a compassionate group, and may even enable you to get Lemsip and chicken dish if you’re bunged upward.

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We’re amusing

Exactly what heat happen to be infants created at?

Yvette will believe drama is personal but we’ve got some outstanding comedians and TV shows. Frankie Boyle, Billy Connolly and Kevin connections are excellent stand ups’, if you don’t relatively offending to the people who happen to be offended by comedians asking laughs.

For television shows i suggest finding out continue to games and Rab C Nesbitt to provide you with a concept of the humour.

Most people dwell the majority of existence from inside the cooler and black very we’re perfect around at observing the bright side of lifetime and adding a good change on conditions, but we’re likewise self-deprecating and will render fun of the things.

Yes. We dress in kilts

Constantly. To my workplace, health and fitness club, carrying out ironing and fishing.

I jest (find out We mentioned we love in making enjoyable of the majority of points). All of us most likely use them to wedding parties also momentous occasions.

Once we donned them the effort it willn’t staying as fantastic. Putting on a kilt in vegas will however produce a wide variety of no-cost beverage from terrifying North american navy seals exactly who “swear that is the best bloody things I’ve ever before seen.”

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Ideas encounter a Scottish husband

If the all appears wonderful and you’re thinking a way to encounter a Scottish person, the most apparent reply to however this is to get your flights to Scotland ordered. Most people spend nearly all of all of our moment here. When you get right here, brain directly to the club. Just be sure an individual dont arrive too far gone or you won’t discover a specific thing we’re saying. I’ve listened to the feature can be difficult in order to comprehend, but since a person add alcoholic to your combine you’re ready to no chances.

Instead download Tinder and finger through randoms as soon as you’re annoyed on the luncheon break. I will assurance it’s struggled to obtain a certain Kiwi before. Sorry Yvette.

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Strategy to care for their Scotsman

When you’ve acquired a Scotsman, you need to understand a way to care for your.

Like most people, Scottish men are comparatively low maintenance.

In case you are of this generation in which you have owned and been able to put a Tamagotchi live for one time then you must certanly be fine.

Keep on us all fairly well-fed, properly watered (generally with a decent alcohol or whisky) and inform us most people look handsome and therefore the hair thinning can make us take a look distinguished, and now we are generally fairly damn pleased.

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What are the downsides to dating Scottish men?

Okay, maybe some.

Yes, I would like to maintain the bed room panel available consistently, despite the inmost coldest absolute depths of wintertime.

We are also amazing drinkers. It is not a dig at your drinking alcohol capabilities – this is just a fact. There’s little otherwise complete in winter with regards to’s merely mild between 9am and 3pm. This really is the reason we are generally pasty.


A relationship a Scotsman has several benefits. We have been friendly, interesting, and interesting.

If you should be actively looking for a partner don’t assume the very first Scotsman staying ‘the one’. Is a number of.

Target getting good an individual that you could be together with the right people will appear once the efforts is actually appropriate. Hit the gym, browse some books, read newer and more effective capabilities. Work person you’d probably decide someone is attracted to. It is going to fall into spot.